We Provide Financing Solutions That Meet Your Requirements

A Private Commercial Liaison to Lenders

Led by Edward & Janice Lindsay, our primary objective at JEL Capital Inc. is to provide efficient, flexible, and professional services for borrowers who need commercial financing. We offer customizable and timely commercial real estate financing solutions to borrowers in the US and internationally who are in a unique and / or time-sensitive situation.

Fast and Efficient Services You Can Count On

With the backing of private banks and various institutions, our reliable service allows access to financing solutions that are not available from traditional lenders. We aim to keep you worry free by not charging upfront fees and providing a free review of your project.

Private Banking Services for Investors

Our team is committed to facilitating the successful performance of our loan portfolios and real estate investment funds. We provide learning tools on how to earn 6-10% principal-protected returns in our Private Lenders Network™ by investing in first position private mortgages or 1st lien trust deeds.